Talking to Sugar and Spice

sugar & spice brownies

We got a chance to sit down with Mrs. Beth Napoli, founder of Sugar & Spice market. Sugar & Spice was recently featured in Access Atlanta, and deservedly so.

After tasting her products, we knew we had to learn more about them! Affordable, gluten-free, and local, each one of her items is a gem! She graciously answered all the questions that we had, and this is what she said!

mrs beth napoli
Mrs. Beth Napoli, Alpharetta/Roswell resident and founder of Sugar & Spice Market

You’re the founder of Sugar and Spice Market. What made you want to start a company like this? And why make it Gluten free?
We started a Gluten Free company because of the dietary needs of both family and friends. We were born and raised to a large Italian family, where everyone eats together, feels welcome at our table and of course a family where the food always tastes good. It has not always been easy to serve Gluten Free foods and usually required separate meals. We wanted to change that and provide products that everyone could enjoy whether that ate Gluten Free or not.

Your products taste fantastic. How long did it take you to get the recipes to this level?
Thank you, we hear that a lot. I have always enjoyed cooking and entertaining, which gave me the knowledge and understanding of the science behind cooking. Of course I did some research to better understand the properties of each flour, but after that it was about finding the winning combination that allowed our flour blend to behave like the wheat flour we have been accustomed to. It was very important that our Gluten Free flour maintained the taste and texture of recipes and was a 1:1 replacement for wheat flour.

Sugar and spice is a local company- you actually live right up the road from us here at Amy’s Natural foods! We love the samples that you bring in. How long has your company existed? Do you plan to stay here in Roswell and Alpharetta?
We are a local Atlanta Company, and we plan on staying. Our company is really quite young, since we began selling our products less than a year ago, we have experienced a very rapid growth. We seem to be popping up nationwide. Our experience has been that the moment people taste our products, they begin buying it. We not only sell in retails stores like Amy’s, but there are many restaurants, cafes, and bakeries that use our products to offer Gluten Free options on their menus.

Keeping on that note, what are your plans for the future? What new and exciting things can we expect from Sugar and Spice market?
We are always looking to add new products based on the public’s needs. Currently our products are Gluten Free Certified, Kosher Certified and free of the top allergens,and we have begun the process to verify that our products are non-GMO, all of which are extremely important to us. We are hoping to continue reaching families, nationwide, who just want to be able to eat together again.

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